We are shaped by our childhood. Mine was spent in Palo Alto during a simple and sweet time in life for my four siblings and me. We rarely had shoes on our feet. My father worked in his art studio and music played throughout our home, streaming from the record player. I've clung to the sense of creative and playful joy we shared and find myself appreciating times and places that are simple, uncomplicated, and perfectly sublime.

My mission in creating a setting for a celebration is to tap the spirit of the people involved and find the things that are most meaningful. I strive to build an environment that evokes the spirit to shine through.

Event Production is about two essential things: setting a scene to inspire a mood and implementing all of the moving parts to produce the event effectively and successfully.  I have worked as an interior designer for twenty years and have the tools to create a warm and inviting setting. I have concurrently worked in event production for fifteen years and have established relationships with exceptionally talented people in all categories - floral design, lighting and sound, the preparation of glorious foods and drink, photography, and entertainment.  What would a party be without music? I build a team of vendors that best suits the budget and aesthetic and work closely with the team throughout the process.

My parties have a lot of soul and afterwards I find myself on a natural high. This is what I strive to achieve for my clients - a feeling of bliss and delight so great that your feet don't touch the ground until sometime days or weeks later.

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